170 Days

Last week kicked my butt! My IOP is for three hours first thing in the morning from Mon-Thurs. When I’m done with group, I go to work until 9. I’m out the house for around 13 hours a day, and those first three hours are rough emotionally. By the time Thursday evening rolled around, I was ready to collapse. Friday morning I was admitted to a local hospital for a minor surgical procedure that I had scheduled a couple months before. The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful: lots of rest, reading and icing my surgery site. Due to my recovery, I didn’t get to any AA meetings over the weekend. My counselor was aware of this ahead of time, and I will resume meetings this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun).

My first day of IOP was rough, as it is for everyone. I detest being the newbie, and of course my awkward shy side came out in full force. By the next session on Monday, I felt much more at ease. I chuckled as one of my classmates told me he was “happy to have another alcoholic here”. Most of my group are addicts or addict/alcoholics. Who knew us alchies would be outnumbered? Later in the week on his graduation day, this same guy told me in front of the class that I was an inspiration for bouncing back from this horrific wreck, and having almost six months of sobriety under my belt (most of which has been all on my own). I was floored. Just a really great feeling. Never in a million years would I have believed that someone would call me an inspiration after all of this.

And so begins another week. I’m hoping to start sharing some of my drinking horror stories here, as I feel it’s important to remember why I’m here and why I’m doing all of this. Also, if it makes someone else feel better (as in, hey! I’ve been there too!) then great. Oh, and a quick word to all of you who have reached out to me since I’ve started blogging here a couple weeks ago. Thank you! It’s great to have such a large support system, online, in class, and at meetings. It really means a lot to me, and I hope you all have a great week.


One thought on “170 Days

  1. Great to hear…the idea that we are of use is a big one. I never thought that I could inspire or do anything like that for someone else. It never occured to me because I never thought I was worthy of it. But we are all worthy of being useful and needed and wanting the help of others. It takes strength to see that and to act on it.

    Congrats on your (almost) six months!


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