198 Days (!!!)

198! That feels pretty damn awesome. And I am feeling good with my sobriety (though that voice in my head still acts up…like it did at a concert two weeks ago – but I drank Cokes instead of pints and still had a great time). My IOP has changed me in so many ways, and my counselor has been incredibly helpful. I have learned more from her since mid-October than I have from any of the myriad of counselors I’ve seen since college. My last day is Monday, and that does make me a little nervous, though I am stoked to have time for myself again. I’ve been so busy with IOP and work and AA meetings on my days off that I haven’t even had time to exercise or cook. The past month and a half have been a giant blur, but I currently feel much more confident in myself and my sobriety.

As of Friday I officially have a sponsor, and I do believe that I’ve found my AA home group. Last weekend I had a moment of, “Oh my god, I am 33 and in AA. How the fuck did that happen?” But it’s better than being 40 and dead, or not making it to 40 at all. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet though, as I want to talk about the holidays in a day or so. Until then…

2 thoughts on “198 Days (!!!)

  1. That’s awesome about getting a sponsor and home group…wow, fantastic! You’re on the path, and you won’t regret it. 33 and in AA…fuggetaboutit. I was 40…and almost dead. On the road to death. So I am so happy for you!

    Congrats on you 198 days. It wears well on you 🙂


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