Day 267

Just a quick question for you all. Does anyone else miss drinking camaraderie?

Of course I have plenty of wonderful sober conversations and I always have. But I do miss the ritual, and gathering of friends. I know, rose-colored glasses. I need to think of the stupid arguments, wasted money, day-after shame, the hangovers, the fact that my entire future is currently up in the air because of a court battle stemming from my alcoholism. And yet, I still pine over that loss of camaraderie.


7 thoughts on “Day 267

  1. Yep…there’s something about that time in our lives, when drinking was still good and all our friends would get together and, well, drink. It was FUN.

    But then it stopped being fun. Everyone else was able to stop and get on with their lives and I wasn’t. I spent most of my time trying to get BACK to that fun time. But it was gone. Time moves on and I guess I was supposed to as well. I stayed stuck in a time warp so long just trying to get back to that time whether it was 10 years ago, 10 months ago, or 10 minutes ago. Never could get there and almost killed myself trying to make it happen.

    So yeah, sometimes I do still miss it…not gonna lie. But I don’t miss it as much as I love who I am now so I don’t go there. I acknowlege the feeling and then let it go.

    267 days is phenomenal!!! Keep going!


  2. That is definitely one of the things I fear I will miss about this journey. But I am hopeful. There is always opportunity in change, right? A terrible car crash a year ago didn’t wake me up and here I am a year later facing some hard truths. I’ve followed your blog. Your journey is inspiring to me. Congratulations on your Day 267.

    • Thank you, Phoenix! Your words really mean a lot to me. I still struggle, and it took me almost dying in my car crash to get it. And I know everyone says it, but if can do this, so can you! Stay strong. 🙂

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