298 Days

Isn’t it amazing what sunshine can do for the soul? For mood? It’s “warmed up” to the 30s today, but wow! I am high on the promise of spring. It’s been such a rough winter, and the never ending crap weather does not help with my depression. Add on all the stuff I have going on, and it’s been a roughie for me. I feel like I’m just throwing depressed babble out there, but really, I am doing the best I can to stay positive and keep my head up right now.

I just made the extremely difficult decision to cut someone out of my life. This is the person that has drug me through the emotional ringer for the past two weeks. They became my go-to confidant the past eight months after my car accident. We’ve been in almost constant contact since last June, and without him, I am floundering. There is a huge void now, and I know that only I can fill that void inside of me. I know he didn’t mean to hurt me, but he did and the pain is unbearable. I tried to keep in contact, but today I told him I can’t do it any longer. The anger is eating me alive. So we had a conversation, and since then, I’ve blocked and deleted him from various social networking sites. It hurts and I miss him like crazy, but it’s for the best.



5 thoughts on “298 Days

  1. Wow…I just read a facebook post yesterday from a neighbor who could have been this guy. He posted about how he reconnected with someone after a long time apart and how they’ve been getting close but that he said or did something awful and now she’s blocked him from all social networks and has cut off communication. So sad. But if you’re on the other end of that…you’re right…that anger can eat you up inside. I hope you find your peace.

    On a different note…298 days!!!!! Wow! Congrats.


  2. Sometimes you have to let go. I had to do the same with someone in my life. Some people just are not healthy for you when you are working to stay sober. Drama and tension and rollercoasters are all triggers for me, and since nothing is more important than my sobriety, I had to choose sobriety over drama. It’s not easy, and it hurts, I know, but if you have to do it for your own sanity and sobriety, then you have to do it. You know?

    Congrats on Day 300. 🙂

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