Up Down, Up Down


My emotions have been all over the place lately. I felt wonderful this morning and afternoon. Tonight, after bursting into tears, I realized that, duh! It’s almost that time of the month. And again, there’s so much on my plate. I really do feel that I am doing the best I can in my situation.

One of the reasons for being in tears is that I am still grieving the loss of my girl Grace. I miss her most at night. Despite my other (wonderful) dog and my two kitties, the house still seems so quiet and empty without her. I miss her snoring from the love seat, the way her tail would wag (thump, thump, thump on the couch) and how she would “run” in her sleep. Her sighs. Her wet, velvety nose nudging me for her bedtime snack. Her perpetually sweet-smelling head. The way she would lean into me for pets when I got home from work.

It’s been two months, and while it has gotten easier, sometimes I’ll think of her or look for her in the house by habit and the pain takes my breath away. The bond between people and dogs is fascinating, isn’t it? Grace Kelly, I hope we get to meet again someday.



10 thoughts on “Up Down, Up Down

  1. Hugs to you. Losing a fur baby is devastating.

    The time of the month makes a huge difference in my moods. It’s funny that we have to stop and think about why we are so emotional. Last week, I questioned my sanity only to realize it was those pesky hormones doing the thinking. Did you ever notice that you drank heavier during that time?

  2. Losing a pet is awful. One of the worst days of my life was when my dad’s seeing eye dog passed away. It was horrible and then pain that my dad endured…ugh!

    Stay strong and just ride the emotions…they get easier. But I suspect you already know that.


  3. I agree, losing a pet is one of the worst things. I remember when our family dog died, I saw my Dad weep buckets, more than I’d ever see him cry before. So sorry to hear about Grace x

  4. I know those big leaning in doggie hugs… They’re the best. I would kneel down, and Spot would come and stand on my bent legs and put her head on my shoulder.

    Not the same, but I send you hugs.

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