350 Days (Screw It)


Hi, my name is Kristina and I am an alcoholic. I reside in the city where AA began, and I completed my seven week intensive outpatient treatment program at the same hospital that opened the world’s first detox center 75 years ago. How lucky am I to be living here right now? And to be alive today? Very. Life is good, my friends.


14 thoughts on “350 Days (Screw It)

    • Hi hi hi!!! I’m kind of amazed at how good I feel right now. Scary stuff (last two posts) are still throwing me for a loop, but after taking a few days to digest what’s going on, I’m all…”Hey life…BRING IT.” Weird, right? I never, ever would have felt this way while drinking.

      Kristina/Christina high-five! xo

      • Yeah, sometimes when shit gets real, we start to readjust what’s important and what’s not. It feels good to just say this is who I am. 🙂

        I’ll catch up… I know you had some stuff coming up, but hey, you’re ALIVE girlfriend. You can deal with whatever you need to. You’re a survivor. xoxo

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