352 Days

Life continues to be all kinds of crazy these days. I’m also a wee bit behind on reading blogs here, but I’m hoping to catch up on all your lives soon (promise!).

I had a rough go of things last week, but I really am feeling better. It took a few days to digest the news from the prosecution (not backing down on me doing six months in maximum security jail), but I am over my little pity party. Obviously it is up to the judge to decide my fate, and I will continue to believe and prepare myself for the full six months. My judge is tough, so I am not anticipating leniency on his end. However, if he gives me a lesser sentence and/or work release then that will be wonderful.

As of last Thursday, I have a new sponsor. Back in February I was considering dumping my first sponsor. After a crisis at the end of that month, I told her that I needed her to “kick my ass, AA-style”. We got together for breakfast and a meeting, and kept in touch a few times after that. I haven’t seen her since then, and decided that I need and deserve someone who is going to push me along on this journey. My new sponsor, M., has been sober since 1997. She’s in my home group, and her lead blew me away last fall. She’s had a really amazing life, and didn’t get sober until alcoholism took her husband and soul-mate from her. We met for coffee last week, and I told her my story. It was agreed that we were a good fit, and she gave me assignments immediately. We’ll also be meeting once a week, plus we share our home group. I am grateful to have her on my side as I prepare for my jail sentence. I need this, big time.

My job is still up in the air. I have a union rep working on my behalf, and now I am thrilled to have my boss in on the fight. He has no idea what I’ve been going through, and yesterday we met and talked for about an hour. I was so nervous to discuss my case with him that I was worried I was going to hurl in his office (“If you’re gonna spew, spew into this“). I told him everything, and he was incredibly supportive. Blown away by all I’ve been dealing with and what I’ve done (busting ass to get well, seven week treatment program, etc) to get well without hurting my work performance in any way. He’s going to reach out to HR, and do anything possible to ensure that my job will still be here whether I am gone for six months or two months. He is also going to write to the judge on my behalf prior to my sentencing. I went back to my office when we were done talking. My door was cracked open a bit, and a coworker who has become a good friend came in to see how our meeting went. I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by my boss’s response that I just started sobbing at my desk while she came over and hugged me.

I cannot get over how many amazing people I have in my life right now. Family, friends, coworkers, sober bloggers. The amount of love and support I continue to receive is mind blowing. All this support plus my continued sobriety has shown me that whatever happens, everything will be okay. I will get through all this, and be stronger for it. Hell, I already am!Β 

Come on, life! BRING IT.



4 thoughts on “352 Days

  1. I get all of this. I have had a similar experience. My boss is very understanding, and HR is aware of my past, but it’s nothing we speak of – it’s just a letter they keep on file. And as for the bloggers – are you kidding me? Not sure if you were around at the time, but I put a call out to the sober bloggers to help me out in terms of writing letters of character for the judge. I was overwhelmed by the love, kindness and generosity of the sober bloggers out here. I had 30 or 40+ letters! The judge read every one. And I think that helped the cause. Plus I had family and friends write. It was overwhelming for me and for me, I just keep putting out here to help others and do what I can to repay it, in a cosmic sense.

    Don’t underestimate the love and power of those around you (I know you don’t, clearly πŸ™‚ ) You are right – you will be ok. No matter what, you are being cared for, even if you don’t know it πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Paul! It’s nice to hear from others who get and know what I am going through. πŸ™‚ I will be finding out more info after my plea hearing Friday about letters for the judge. That’s wonderful that you had such an amazing outpouring from the sober blogger community! Oh, today my boss asked if I minded him being at my sentencing hearing. I was shocked by that, but told him that it would be fine with me. I am betting that I will have a lot of support with me that day…


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