Recovery Rocks Interview!

Over the weekend, the wonderful Veronica Valli ran my Recovery Rocks interview! What an honor!

After my car accident, I downloaded a small arsenal of sobriety texts onto my phone. I would have been lost without my damn Kindle app, especially after my surgery. Being able to read books on my phone kept me sane. It was all I could hold as my left arm was out of commission for so long and I was laid up. One of the books I found was Veronica’s “Why You Drink & How To Stop: A Journey To Freedom”. If you are new to sobriety, it is a must read!

Thank you Veronica, for sharing my story and for all you do to help others achieve sobriety.


8 thoughts on “Recovery Rocks Interview!

  1. holy crow – you’re everywhere…here, your year, on RR AND on Christy’s Running on Sober with your songs…huh? How cool is THAT? Congrats on it all 🙂 you’re becoming a little super hero out here :):)

    Blessings and hugs


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