13 Days of Freedom

Hello to all my wonderful readers out there! I have lots to say here, but time is flying by. There are 13 days until my sentencing, and the butterflies are hitting hard. There’s still much for me to do to prepare, and time has become so precious. A friend posted a photo on Facebook this morning that read “Is it too early to be looking forward to Friday?” My first instinct? HELL NO. Then right away I thought, nooooooooooooooooooo! Slow down life! I’ve got too much to get done here to be thinking of Friday.

Life has been so crazy busy that I went almost two weeks between AA meetings. Saturday morning at my home group I finally received my one year coin:


Ironic that I’ve been chomping at the bit for this one, and I had to wait to get it. It felt great, and it felt even better to be reunited with this wonderful group of women. I will miss them when I am gone.

If you have a moment, can you send a prayer or good vibes or a smoke signal or something positive my way? Tomorrow morning my boss and I meet with HR in regards to my job. The longest leave of absence I can take is six months, but jail is obviously considered a special circumstance and this leave needs to be approved. My boss (and my union) is fighting to keep me which is so amazing. He knows everything now about what I’ve been going through this past year, and he is so positive and supportive. But HR has the final say and they seem to be split down the middle over my fate as an employee here. In the meantime, I am acting as if I will be terminated from the university. I need to write a letter of resignation and clean out my office a bit. I am trying to finish up a few projects, and it is unbelievably hard to stay focused at work knowing that my time here will be up June 6th. But please, good thoughts will be appreciated for this meeting tomorrow morning.

OH! In addition to my Recovery Rocks interview, last Monday my copilot Maurnas and I were featured on the 11th volume of Life in Six Songs over at Running On Sober. As a huge music geek, I was STOKED to be featured in this series. Good stuff all around.

Okay, time to focus. Coffee coffee coffee will get me through today. I hope you’re all doing well!


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