7 Days to Go…


The final countdown begins…

My weekend was good, and I am feeling a lot less frantic than when I posted last. Going to three AA meetings between Saturday and Sunday helped a lot. Whenever I am freaking out internally, AA takes me out of that state. It’s amazing how much it helps to talk to people who get it, and have been through similar situations. I spoke about what I am currently going through at a meeting yesterday (my voice wavering the entire time – my shyness tends to keep me from participating much during discussion meetings), and I had a line of people wanting to talk to me afterward. All folks who had been in my shoes, and lived to talk about it. That sounds dramatic, but sometimes this feels like The End of the World. That helped so much! I felt lighter afterwards. My problems are still there, but talking to others who’ve been there helped to ease the burden a bit.

The weather was perfect this weekend, and I got to spend a lot of time with one of my best friends yesterday and eat some really yummy food. I am currently on the “Going to Jail Diet” – meaning I’m not eating ice cream for breakfast, but I’m eating whatever the hell I want and not feeling bad about it. I keep joking to my friends that I will get scurvy in jail, because I loooooove all fresh fruits and veggies. I will panic when there is a lack of fruit in my house and I need to go shopping. So me and jail food will not be simpatico. I like flavor! Yesterday I had amazing strawberry-rhubarb french toast at my favorite local brunch spot. The food there is phenomenal, but I tend to not get there as often as I’d like because it can be pricey. Since my friend treated me to brunch, I treated myself to a lemon curd tart from their bakery. I ate it last night, and it was so good it almost killed me. Death by lemon curd tart! What a way to go.

Okay, quick post but I just wanted to check in. OH! And a heads up…if I am in jail for a while, my best friend Robin has agreed to write the occasional update on my behalf. I’ll mail her a letter with my update, and she can post it for me. WOOT!





8 thoughts on “7 Days to Go…

  1. Stay strong. It sounds like you have some awesome friends on your side to give you support, offline and on.

  2. My thoughts keep coming back to you too. Wishing you strength and calm to get through this tough time. Just don’t lose sight of how far you have come. Hugs from across the ocean xx

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